Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Read from Somewhere, Probably Not California...

That Fox News reporter Heather Childers had a twin.

A Google search is inconclusive. At least one person claims that someone named "jamie colby" is Heather Childers's twin sister. But since I don't know who Jamie Colby is—a search for "Jamie Colby obituary" finds evidence of a body buried in the United Kingdom, but since Childers apparently moved to Fox from Charlotte, this seems unlikely to be the same person. On the other hand, the Charlotte Airport is officially International, and it does not seem absurd that Ms. Childers would have flown the deceased to the U.K. and arranged to bury her there.

Otherwise, there is limited evidence to disprove the claim. (Proving it would be difficult, since Fox is a leading player in the Mainstream Media [MSM] and as such has never hesitated to suppress stories that might be deleterious to its owners and/or advertisers. Though one has to admit that the apocryphal stories about what Fox does broadcast only make me more unwilling to go beyond their Soccer Channel and the occasional 2:00a.m. rebroadcast of Millennium on FX.)

Working from the standard of evidence used at WND, I plan to send an email to Jerome Corsi asking about the story. However, Mr. Corsi has, I am told, frequently appeared on Fox News, and a Google Search (due to their useless change of algorithm) produces primarily Conspiracy Theories (or one theory, often retold) about the two of them working together. So I suppose a lack of response would just be further evidence in favor of the theory.

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